Separating front subframe.

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6th May 2008

Once the engine and transmission are out, the subframe could be unbolted in four location from the body – 2 under the front seat pans and 2 directly under the firewall/bulkhead. These were very rusty so a big cheat bar on the socket wrench was used, and probably a whole can (not really…) of WD-40. The bushings are completely shot, there’s almost nothing left of them, they’ve rusted and disintegrated so much. Also the mount holes on the subframe are corroded so repair will be needed – only the edges are jagged, so a pack of four round repair plates will do (almost like big washers).

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Grant | 21st November 2009 at 7:58 pm

I’ve enjoyed your site thus far and can’t help but to offer this suggestion .
Try the excellent product PB Blaster in place of Wd-40. When disassembling rusted and corroded parts it’s like night and day . You’ll thank me.


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