Body parts on the floor.

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25th June 2008

Finally, something clean and new:

These are all the body panels to be replaced and most of the exhaust system.

All the parts sorted and stored. Practically every component of the steering, suspension and brakes is being replaced.

Some of new fuel and fluid lines:

Jeff | 28th June 2008 at 5:49 pm

Where did you order all your parts? National Parts Depot is the place I order from…..great pics

Virginia Beach

firebird67 | 29th June 2008 at 5:49 pm

Same as. All these parts were ordered from NPD. They seem to be very good. Good service, delivery times and reliable (out of the couple 100’s of parts I ordered there was only one slip up – I got 19 wheel studs and 1 disc rotor stud [they do look almost identical], instead of 20 wheel studs).
I will be ordering from Classic Industries soon as well, they have some parts I couldn’t get from NPD (the rear brake hydraulic hose) and just plain forgot to get (4 wheel slave cylinders). Also, just ordered today from Performance Suspension Technology as they were the only company that had bushings for the rear traction bar.
Should be able to start putting all the pieces together soon.


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