Removed wheelhouse.

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Removed left side wheelhouse by drilling out all the spot welds, and a little bit of cutting.



Rust damage:



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John Hilton | 24th August 2008 at 9:36 am

You seem to be moving right along.

Do you just measure a certain distance from the top of the quarter and cut along that line? And then do you just weld in the new quarter? Or do you need to trim the new quarter to fit? I will have to replace my rear quarters, so I better figure it out!

When is your estimated time of completion for this project?

I’m probably going to buy a set of e heads to bolt on to my 400 for the coupe. I have a set of 96 heads I’m going to bolt on to my 455 for the vert. I thought about using the 455 crank in my 400 as well, but I’m probably better off to just buy a stroker kit if I go that route. Lots of decisions to make.


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