Car is gone…

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The car was picked up last night (Tuesday) and taken to the shotblasters. They should be working on it today (Wednesday) and deliver it back tomorrow (Thursday). Quite exciting.


Though it is a little sad to see the empty spot on the driveway:

John Hilton | 23rd October 2008 at 9:35 am

Are they blasting with plastic or walnut shells?

firebird67 | 24th October 2008 at 8:26 pm

They blasted with sand. I didn’t have many options and ultimately I just went with the cheapest quote… I was a little concerned as I’d heard sand was too abrasive and could warp and pit the metal, but, to be honest there is so little left on the car that isn’t already pitted or slightly warped/dented it seemed a moot point. It is back now, and there was no need to worry, no additional pitting that I wasn’t anticipating. And there were no thin panels susceptible to warping, so that wasn’t an issue.


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