MagnaFlow exhaust fitted, sounds awesome

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Video in post… Had to make a section of pipe to go between the extension pipes out of the X-pipe and the headers. The pipes, centre to centre, were narrower than the headers, and hang lower to the ground. The rest was fairly straight forward to install. The car was orignally a single exhaust, so there were not the provisions to hang dual pipes. But, this just required a few holes to be drilled and some extra nuts and bolts.

So, the engine is a rebuilt 326, the headers are Doug’s Headers (Pertronix), and the exhaust system is MagnaFlow: dual pipes to a X-pipe then into dual mufflers. And sounds rather nice… Hear for yourself!

It is running incredibly rich. It has guzzled 10L of petrol and obviously travelled not even a fraction of an inch. The insides of the exhaust pipes are already black, and the spark plugs are caked. But, no point in calibrating this carburetor, I have just rebuilt a QuadraJet to put on very soon…

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67BIRDDOWNUNDER | 20th November 2011 at 10:12 am

Hi Mate,

The Bird is looking great. Love the sound. Looking at upgrading the pipes on mine. I currently have Hooker Competition Headers on to a 2 1/2 inch exhaust system (first discovered them on a Chevy Blazer i had when i was in the Middle East). Same deal on my Bird. They Hang WAY too low.
I found the 2 1/2 inch system too big. Would sound much better with a 2 inch system.

The reason i am writing is to ask if your exhaust tips knock on your leaf springs?? just during general driving. Its a problem that i have not been able to sort out. (Another reason to get the 2 inch system)

Cheers for now


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