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Everything (…almost) I bought as mentioned here has been bolted on and set up… looks a bit newer and showier than the humdrum look it was sporting a little while back.


Installed: New starter motor, new radiator, new alternator, new manifold, new carb, new rocker covers and air cleaner, new ignition coil and new spark plug leads.


Removed: Smog pump. No real reason for me to keep it other than preserving the original options, which isn’t what I’m really after. Unclutters the engine bay, and looks better without it I think. And avoids the hassle of hooking all the hoses up…


The new starter motor really is a little wonder. It really turns the engine over with such ease and seemingly minimal stress on the battery. The old, 43 year old, starter was wholly inadequate, reluctantly turning the engine over slowly and flattening the battery. Of course, maybe the new Optima battery is playing a role, but my praise goes to the Summit ProTorque starter.


An observation, the old 2bbl Rochester carb and cast iron intake made a more aggressive growl, the new QuadraJet sounds more tame. Maybe not quite as good… but I’m sure come driving it, the secondaries opening will change my mind.


Still to do: Heater hoses, new water elbow and hose (new carb inlet restricts access), new fuel line to carb, new pipe barb for the PCV system (Summit can’t measure hole diameters it would seem). Then onto the brakes and steering and body work… oh so much body work!

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Robert Buckler | 15th October 2010 at 1:53 am

Hi, Very neat project! Looks great, keep it up!

If you have the complete smog system removed, would you be willing to sell it. If so, would the air cleaner be included?

Thanks, Bob Buckler


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